Redenhall Deanery Churches working together

Redenhall Deanery Synod


There will be a meeting of the Synod on Thursday 12th October 2017

In Pulham Market Church, commencing at 7.30pm.


1. Opening Worship

2.  Apologies for absence & personalia 

3. Minutes of meeting 12th July 2017

4. Matters arising on the minutes

 5.  Correspondence & Notices

6. Speaker: Julian Bryant  - Christian Aid representative

7.  Finance update; news from Diocesan Synod

           8.  Any other Business

9.  Date of next meeting & Closing Worship

Please note:

Members are asked to ensure that colleagues in their own parish without

e-mail receive a copy of the agenda.

Members are invited to bring notices of special celebrations to be added to the Deanery Diary, for circulation with the Minutes.

Jennie Vere                                          01379 687679