Redenhall Deanery Churches working together

You may want to organise your own flowers, or you may want the Church to help. Whichever approach you decide, you need to contact the flower organiser, who will be able to tell you about the number of pedestals and vases available. Do remember to order flowers early, as florists often have quite a rush during the wedding season.

Photography in church
Many couples employ a professional photographer for their wedding day. Whether or not you have a professional, we ask that all photographers should be discreet and should strictly avoid flash. This is particularly important near the organ console. But also, you will want to concentrate on the ceremony and especially on saying your vows, so we want to make sure that there are no unwelcome distractions. The same applies to video photographers. If you want a professional video, we require the photographer to be discreet and to use a telephoto lens so that the video can be taken from a distance. Because of royalties and performing rights, we need to double the organist’s fee if there is to be a video.

In some churches, bells can be rung before and after your wedding service. This is over and above the basic service, so commands an extra fee (see below). The Tower Captain can tell you more about bells, and needs to know whether or not you require bells for your wedding.

The fees should be paid at or before the rehearsal. The basic fees for 2011 are £288.00. This includes the calling of the banns and the cost of the wedding certificate, but does not include the cost of the verger, the organist, the bells, flowers or heating, all of which vary with different churches. Ask your local vicar for more details.

The rehearsal for the wedding is usually within the week before the wedding, but contact the priest who is conducting the wedding to make absolutely sure of the date and time.

Order of Service
Most couples prefer to have a printed order of service – and it’s a nice keepsake of the occasion. Many firms will print service orders reasonably cheaply, or you can run off copies yourself on a home computer. You do need the hymns printed out in full, and it’s quite helpful to have the Lord’s Prayer printed out too. The normal order of service is as follows:

Opening music
The Marriage (that’s all you need to write, here)
Prayers and Lord’s Prayer
Signing of the registers (if you want something special here, such as particular music, you need to specify it)
Closing music

There are normally three hymns during the service, so you need to decide which hymns you’d like. You also need to think about “entry” and “exit” music – music for the bride to enter church, and music for both of you to leave church. The church organist will usually help in these decisions.

A wedding is a big occasion, and needs lots of preparation. These are just a few notes from the Church to help you plan your wedding.


If you want to find out more about weddings in the Church of England, or have a look at the service prior to the rehearsal, you can find it on this website: